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British Pipe Company "A Name of Quality Producers in the world of Music Instruments", we are producing all our products with high quality material  against very competitive prices that's why we have good repute in the market. In this site we are presenting Few Samples of our production but any design and quality can be produced as per required by our valuable customers. Our mission is to move our production standard persistently towards the extreme of excellence with the help of consistent quality control, cost effective manufacture, enthusiastic and devoted work force, innovative management and above all the kind patronage of our honored clients. Our objective is to provide our esteemed customers with top rated Gloves of All kinds made of high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship at very competitive prices in shortest possible delivery period.


We Deal In: Very High Quality Pipe Band Instruments, Musical Instruments, Bagpipes, Highland Bagpipes, Lowland Bagpipes, Small Bagpipes, Full size Bagpipes, Medium Size Bagpipes, Miniature Bagpipes, Bagpipes in African Black Wood, Bagpipes in Cocuswood, Bagpipes in Rose wood, Bagpipe Accessories, Highland Accessories, Chanters, Practice Chanters, Long Practice Chanters, Chanters in rose wood, Black wood & Cocuswood, Bagpipe Cases, Reeds, Pipe Chanters, Congas, Bongos, Deluxe Model Bongos, Mini Bongos, Children Drums, Djembes, Djembes Large, Djembes Small, Djembes Wooden Carved, Dumbecks in Ceramic, Dumbecks Wooden, Dumbecks Metal, Talking Drums, Tambourines, Tambourines, Tambourines Tambourines with printed skins, Tambourines Non Tunable, Tambourines, Tunable, Tambourines Headless, Leather Skins, Velum Heads, Bodhrans, Irish Bodhrans, Bodhrans Beaters, Educational Instruments, Agogo Blocks, Maracas, Claves Wood Blocks, Bones & Spoons, Ratchets, Ocarinas, Triangles, Sleigh Bells, Bell Trees, Miscellaneous Items, Classical Instruments, String Instruments, Harps, Guitars, Irish Harps, Meghan Harps, Tablas, Dholaks, Harmonium, Percussion Instruments, Cow Bells, Indian Bells, Cymbals, Castanets, Scottish Wear, Traditional Kilts, Kilts Heavy, Kilts Normal, Tartan, Ladies Kilts, Scottish Kilts, High Quality Kilts, Ladies Skirts in Tartan, Fashion Kilts Made of Jeans with Pockets, Buckles, Brass Finish Buckles, Chrome Finished Buckles, Silver Finished Buckles, Thistle Buckles, Celtic Buckles, Celtic Style Buckles, Brass Buckles, Dai Cast Buckles, Engraved Buckles, Very High Quality Buckles, Very Highly Finished Buckles, Belts, Very Highly Finished Pvc Belts, Plastic Belts, High Quality Rubber Belts, Co Ardali Belts, Kilts Belts, Plain Leather Belts, Sword Belts, Sword Cross Belts, Waist Belts, Drum Belts, Bass Drum Belts, Bass Drum Carrying Belts, Piper Belts, Pipe Band Cross Belts, Drummer Belts, Wrestling Belts, Boxing Belts, WWE Replica Belts, Replica WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Belt, Replica, Tag Team Championship Belt, Replica WWE Championship Belt, Boxing Belts, Highly Finished Wrestling & Boxing Belts, Caps, P Caps, Peak Caps, Embroidered Caps & Hats, Machine Embroidered Caps, Hand Embroidered Caps, Leather Caps, Jeans Caps, Glengarry Caps, Balmorals, Berets Caps Rifle Green Color, Flashes, Tartan Flashes, Ribbon Flashes, Kilt Pins, Sporrans, Very High Quality  Sporrans, Leather Sporrans, Long Hair Sporrans, Rabbit Skin Sporrans, Goat Skin Sporrans, Synthetic Sporrans, Uniform Accessories, Pipe Band Accessories, Sticks, Seat Sticks, Officer Sticks, Flag Sling Drum Sling, Drum Major Mace, Anklets, Gauntlets, Sashes, Scarf, Gloves, Drummer Glove, Leather Glove, Leather Bag, Bagpipe Cords, Sashes, Dress Cord, Shirts, Hackles, 2 Color Hackles, 3 Color Hackles, 4 Color Hackles, 5 Color Hackles, Brass Instruments, Trumpets, Bb Cavalry Brass Finish Trumpet, Hunting Horn Round, Fanfare Trumpets, Bugle, Bugle Large, Bugle Small, Bugle Tunable, Bugle Silver Plated & Brass Finished, Clarinets, Eb Clarinet, Boehm System, 17 Keys 6 Rings Blackwood Body, Silver Plated Keys, With Outfit, Bb Clarinet Blackwood, Clarinets made of plastic Material, Clarinets Made of ABS Material, Flutes, Irish Flutes in D, F Flute, Flute With Keys, B Flute, Drums, Tenor Drums, Bass Drums, Side Drums, Badges, Metal Badges, Engraved Badges, Dai Cast Badges, Embroidered Badges, Machine Embroidered Badges, Hand Embroidered Badges, Very High Quality Hand Embroidered Badges, Embroidered Flags, Embroidered Aprons, Hand Embroidered Aprons, Masonic Aprons, Hand Embroidered, Flags, Embroidered Pipers Flag, Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Metal Badges with Colors, Metal Badges Brass Finish, Power Press Dai Badges, Very High Quality and Highly Finished Badges, Plastic Badges, Screen Printed Badges, Printed Badges, Cap Badges, Medals, Dai Cast Medals, Engraved Medals, Embossed Medals, Gold Plated Medals, Gold Medals, Silver Medals, Browns Medals, Olympic Medals, Games Medals, Key Chains, Key Chains Etched, Engraved Key Chains, Metal Key Chains, Brass Key Chains Plastic Key Chains, Dai Cast Key Chains, Colors Key Chains, Tai, Brooches, Broaches, Highland Wear, Celtic Items, Buttons, Highly Finished Diamond Shaped Thistle Buttons, Thistle Buttons, Prince Charlie Jacket, Musical Instruments Manufacturer Sialkot Pakistan, Pipe Band Instruments Manufacturer Sialkot Pakistan, Scottish Items & Celtic Items Manufacturer Sialkot Pakistan. British Pipe Company Sialkot Pakistan, Bagpipes Manufacturer & Exporter Sialkot Pakistan, Pipe Band Instruments Manufacturer & Exporter Sialkot Pakistan, Musical Instruments Manufacturer & Exporter Sialkot Pakistan, Bagdes Manufacturer & Exporter Sialkot Pakistan, Very Highly Finished & Finest Musical Instruments Manufacturer & Exporter Sialkot Pakistan.

Affiliated Trade Bodies:
The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industries , Pakistan
Export Promotion Bureau, Pakistan.


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